Flowers. Weddings. Events. Home.

Enchanting floral design for weddings, events, home, and meaningful occasions. Available for travel, consultations, and collaborations. 

Moonpenny's is based in beautiful Denver, Colorado. We are focused on delivering impeccable botanical and floral experiences to each client.  Lindsey Housel is the owner and head designer at Moonpenny's. She was born into the botanical arts, passed down to her through her family. Lindsey works with plants and flowers as a way of connecting with nature and with people to create meaningful moments and expressions.

Moonpenny's is committed to acquiring the highest quality and most responsibly sourced materials available by working with growers and wholesalers who share her values. Lindsey and her team are based in Colorado and love to travel to create the wedding, event, or special occasion of your dreams. 

A note on funerals and celebrations of life: Moonpenny's would be honored to work with you, your family and loved ones to remember, honor, and help tell the story of those who have passed. Please don't hesitate to inquire.